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-old sanchez was arrested on drug-related warrants yesterday. he was uncomfortable when they put him in handcuffs because of his large 5' 8" 275-pound frame so officers did a favor by linking him to two sets of handcuffs. he stretched his arms and slip the legs through the cuffed arms and took off in the van which still had the keys in the ignition. the van was located two hours later a mile away. sanchez was on probation for drug charge but will now likely face new charges for stealing the van. >> san francisco muni officials are trying to figure why a warning alarm failed when there was a bolt stuck in the cable trucks that sent seven to the hospital including the gripman and conductor and several passengers. we were over the scene at powell and washington street. the cable car came to an abrupt stop when it hit a bolt from a hatch cover. an alarm should have gone up to indicate something. >> a boeing 787 dreamliner will take to the skies today despite a world-wide grounding of the jet amid a safety investigation. katie marzullo is back from new orleans in the newsroom. this is a t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1